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Welcome booklovers! 

I'm Iris, a twenty one year old from the Netherlands. Literature has my heart and books mean the world to me. I have always loved books, for they contain worlds I could never visit or allow me to experience things I could never have witnessed otherwise.
I believe literature is one of the most important pillars in our world, especially in today's climate.
On a less serious note, I'm also just a sucker for a pretty cover or a rare edition
found at a secondhand bookshop for a bargain.

Bookshops are my absolute favourite places in the world and I will support them for the rest of my life. I've been a volunteer/bookseller at an independent bookshop since 2016 and it has plunged me into the literary world, which has been a very fun adventure and also a valuable experience.

To talk about books with other bookworms, be it customers in the bookshop or people I've met online, is one of the best parts of it all. I love recommending books to people or fangirl over a book together. I wish to do the same on this platform and to spread the booklove online.

I hope you'll enjoy reading my blogposts and I'd love to chat to you about books (and more!).

Lots of bookish love, 

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  1. Hello

    I love your blog <3 and the pics you post are quite stunning! I wish to come back here pretty soon :)


    1. Hi Tinka, thank you so much! :)